Sunday, July 24, 2005

windows vista? - fotos y videos!

Entre un toque a windows watch, para revisar enterarme un poco mas sobre este SO, la verdad, insisto, me gustaba mas el codename!, jaja, bueno..., eso no importa,
lo que importa es que, leyendo y haciendo click, encontré una página con screenshots y videos de vista, bueno, los videos que hasta el momento han sido publicados...
Aquí en se pueden encontrar, inicialmente algunos screenshots,

Start Bar

Full image:

y en la seccion de videos..,
Aqui la relación...

Longhorn movies
Longhorn 5060: Aero Glass demo
Longhorn 5060: Scaling applications on high-DPI displays
Longhorn 5060: Searching for applications in the Start Menu
Longhorn 5060: Desktop search experience
Longhorn 5060: Visualize and organize - Preview Pane and Live Icons
Longhorn 5060: Visualize and organize - Virtual Folders
Longhorn 5060: Visualize and organize - Virtual Folders (Part 2)
Longhorn 4051 boot screen. Watching the PDC developer preview boot-up.
PDC 2003 crowd streams into keynote hall. Geeks in motion.
Longhorn Aero rock video. Microsoft promo video shown before Gates keynote.
PDC 2003 introduces Bill Gates. Ladies and gentlement, please welcome Chief Software Architect for the Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates.
Longhorn desktop. Hillel demonstrates the new Longhorn desktop.
Aero transparency in Longhorn. Hillel demonstrates new Avalon transparency features.
LA Convention Center walkthrough. Paul walks from the keynote up to the press room in the LA Convention Center.
Gates talks WinFS. The idea of taking the XML flexibility, the database technology, and getting it into the file system.
Longhorn sidebar. Right now we're calling it the sidebar, we'll figure out what the final name is at some point.
Aero 3D effects and 3D accelerated hardware. Group Product Manager of the Windows Client Division Pablo Fernicola demonstrates new hardware-accelerated Aero graphical effects.
Longhorn user experience scenarios. Longhorn addresses the needs of all users, whether beginner or advanced.
Latest Aero prototype. Cool Start Menu animation and media player Sidebar tile

Estoy probando uno, la calidad no es muy buena, pero se entiende =D, creo que con los screenshots, es suficiente!

say no more...


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